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Last update: 03/24/23

Reno Tennis Ladder Rules

Rule Number 1. Play tennis, meet people and have fun.

Ladder ends: At the End of the Calendar Year

Overall ladder is comprised of:

1. USTA rating

2. Tournament play

3. Our local knowledge

In an effort to encourage play and time on the court, we are inverting the adult tennis ladders. Junior ladders are righted.

Division Cross Over: During the first SIX weeks of ladder play, players must compete in their assigned Division. Beginning in week SEVEN, the top three players in the lower division may challenge the bottom three players in the next level. All ladder movement rules still apply.

Location: All matches should be played at a mutually agreeable location. Tennis Drop In at Caughlin Club is $5.00 for tennis ladder participants.

Balls: Both players MUST bring a can of new balls. If the match is completed/won in straight sets, the winner gets to keep the new can of balls from the loser. Use new balls for a third set, and both players go home with used tennis balls.

Match Length: Court time for all matches should be reserved for two hours, and will be two out of three sets, regular scoring, unless limited court time prevents completion of the match. If court time is limited, please use the rules below for "Completing a Match."

Completing a Match: For a two hour court reservation, if the match is not completed after one hour and 45 minutes, the following league rules apply:

A. With 15 minutes remaining, complete the game in progress. If upon completion of this game, a person is ahead by two or more games, they win the set.

B. If one person is ahead by only game, play another game. Upon completion of this game, if the person that was ahead by one game is now ahead by two games - this person wins the set. If upon completion of this game, the games are now tied, play a 12 point tie-break (first to 7, must win by 2) to determine the winner of the set.

C. If the sets are now tied at one set each, play a ten-point tie break (the first to 10 points) to determine the winner of the final set and match.

Ladder Injury: If a player is injured and unable to accept challenges, the player must notify the ladder coordinator (Kristine Wymore) immediately. The ladder will be updated with a note next to the name of the injured player. Players below the injured player will then be able to challenge around the injured player, until they are able to resume to play. It is likely the injured player will move down ladder positions, due to other players winning matches or defending their position, and jumping over the injured player.

Match Results: The match winner is responsible for reporting the score by sending the result of their match to (Kristine Wymore) immediately after the match is played. The ladder will be updated, so players can track the progress of the matches being played.

Last update: 01/05/17

Affiliated Clubs and Organizations

Sierra Junior Tennis Association (SJTA)

Reno, NV


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